Monday, July 1, 2013

Some Answers of June 13 NET Examination

  1. Percentage share of renewable energy sources ----------------10-12%.
  2. Categories the enrolment of students in higher education 2010-11------------OBC
  3. Statement not correct about the UGC---------------------D.
  4. Warrant of precedence, the speaker of the Loksabha----------Prime minister.
  5. Effective mode of learning------E-learning.
  6. MLA Format----------------------------D.
  7. A workshop is ----------- A.
  8. Process of communication, chronological order----- Communicator-message-medium-receiver-effect
  9. Bengal Gazette was started –--------------James Hicky
  10. Press censorship in India was imposed---Indira Gandhi.
  11. Classroom communication of teacher rests on the principle of----Edutainment.
  12. TIGER will be represented by ------UJHFS.
  13. Missing number------------------------270
  14. The odd numbers from 1 to 45-----------33
  15. Mean of the remaining number----------110.
  16. WWW--------------------------------World wide web.
  17. A hard disk is subdivided into -----------Sectors.
  18. A Gigabyte is equal to--------1024 Megabytes
  19. A compiler is converts to ------------High level language to machine language
  20. Kyoto Protocol is related to------------Nuclear energy
  21. A natural hazards have the highest potential to cause to damage to humans----------Earthquakes.
All above answers I have taken from the different -2 sources, this for your kind information only.

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