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KVS Solved GK Paper of Preliminary Examination for TGT and Librarians held on 12th Feb. 2011

1. Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
    a) Kalinga Award          -     Popularization of Science
    b) Barlong Award          -     Agriculture
    c) David-Cohen Award   -     Literature
 Pulitzer Prize         -     Progress in Religion     

2. Which of the following characters was not a part of Shakespearian plays?
    a) Julius
    b) Brutus
 Potter    d) Ariel

  3. Which of the following international organizations is dedicated to the cause of wildlife
    a) UNFPA

     c) UNESCO
    d) WHO

  4. Human Rights Day is observed on :
    a) 10 October
    b) 9 May

    c) 10 December
    d) 18 February

  5. Railway coaches are made in the largest number at Integral coach factory, situated in:
    a) Kapurthala

    b) Perambur    c) Varanasi
    d) Moradabad

  6. Which of the following is not a necessary qualification for a state to become a member
    of United Nationas Organization? It should :
    a) be a sovereign state

    b) be a peace loving state
 be a willing to discharge responsibilities under the UNO charter    d) guarantee human rights and freedom to its citizens

  7. The imaginary line on the earth’s surface which closely follows 180o meridian, is called :
 International date time
    b) Tropic of Cancer
    c) Equator
    d) Prime Meridian

  8. ‘Loti’ is the currency of :
    a) Burundi
    b) Libya
    c) Sudan

  9. Which type of rocks are mainly found in the Himalayan ranges?
    a) Sedimentary
 Metamorphic    c) Igneous
    d) Granite

  10. Water Lily is the national emblem of :
     a) Denmark
     c) Italy
     d) Luxemberg

  11. Who is a famous ‘Sarangi’ player?
     a) Vilayat Khan
     b) Ustad Zakir Husian
     c) Alauddin Khan
 Ustad Binda Khan

  12. Which of the following is not a dance/dance-drama associated with the state ‘Maharashtra’?:
     a) Lezim
     b) Lavani
 Kathi     d) Dahi Kala

  13. Match the following and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :
      I.  Simon Commission                                   1. 1885
      II. Quit India Movement                                  2. 1942
      III. Formation of Indian National Congress        3. 1927
      IV.Minto-Morley Reforms                               4. 1909

      Codes :
                 I      II       III       IV
           a)   3     2       1        4           b)   1     3       4        2
           c)   4     3       2        1
           d)   1     2       3        4

14.Commonwealth games in 2014 will be held in :
     a) Edinburgh, Scotland

     b) Ontario, Canada
 Glasgow, Scotland
     d) Abuja, Nigeria

  15. United Kingdom’s Prime Minister since May, 2010 is :
    a) Tony Blair
 David Cameron
    c) Gordon Brown
    d) Edward Health

  16. Which of the following two IIT’s started functioning in 2009?
     a) Gandhinagar, Jodhpur
     b) Ropar, Patna

     c) Indore, Mandi     d) Bhubaneshwar, Hyderabad

  17. Banking of cureves is done to provide :
 Centripetal force
     b) Centrifugal force
     c) Centrifugal acceleration
     d) Angular velocity

  18. Match the following and choose the correct answer from the codes given below :
      I.   Calomel                   1. Copper sulphate
      II.  Blue vitriol                2. Calcium sulphate
      III. Gypsum                   3. Mercurous chloride
      IV. Normal salt              4. Sodium chloride

      Codes :
                 I      II       III       IV
           a)   1     2       3        4
           b)   4     3       2        1
           c)   3     2       1        4
 3     1       2        4

19. Which of the following have maximum calrofic value?
     a) Carbohydrates
 Fats     c) Protiens
     d) Vitamins

  20. How many Fundamental Rights are there now guaranteed under the Constitution of India?
     b) 7

     c) 8
     d) 9

  21. The reduction of voting age from 21 years to 18 years for the Lok Sabha as well as
      Assemblies is in :
 Sixty-First Amendment 1989
 Seventy-Third Amendment 1992
 Sixty-Fourth Amendment 1990
 Fifty-Ninth Amendment 1988

  22. Jute is mainly grown in :
     a) Tamil Nadu
 West Bengal
     c) Kerala
     d) Himachal Pardesh

  23. Delhi became the capital of India in :
     a) 1910
     c) 1916
     d) 1923

  24. Who amonst the following is the author of the book ‘My Country My Life’?
     a) A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
     b) Atal Behari Vajpayee
     d) Shashi Tharoor

  25. One-rupee currency notes bear the signature of :
     a) The President of India
     b) Prime Minister of India
     c) Governor of Reserve bank
 Indian Finance Secretary

  26. Which of the following country won the FIFA World Cup, 2010?
     a) Germany
     b) South Africa
     c) Brazil

  27. Who among the following is Chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
     a) President

     b) Vice President
     c) Prime Minister

     d) Home Minister

  28. B.C. Roy Award is given in the field of :
     a) Journalism
     c) Music
     d) Environment

  29. Who among the following has been declared as Businessman of the decade?
     a) Mukesh Ambani
     b) Anil Amabani
 Ratan Tata
     d) Azim Premji

  30. Who amongst the following has been named UNESCO’s National Ambassador?
     a) Aishwarya Rai
 Priyanka Chopra     c) Sharmila Tagore
     d) Kajol

  31. People have eyes of different colours, e.g. brown, black or blue, depending upon
      the particular Pigment present in the :
     b) Corena

     c) Pupil
     d) Choroid

  32. Which of the following is known as the ‘red planet’ ?
     a) Mercury
     c) Jupiter

     d) Saturn

  33. The special Constitution position of Jammu & Kashmir is that :
     a) It is not one of the States of the Indian Union
     b) It is beyond the purview of the Indian Constituion
     c) Indian laws do not apply to it

     d) It has its own Constitution 

34. The fundamental right which has been described by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as ” The heart
     and soul of the Constitution” is the right to :
     a) Equlaity
     b) Property
     c) Freedom of religion 

     d) Constituional remedies

  35. Fourth Estate is referred to :
     a) Public Opinion
     b) Chamber of Commerce
 The Newspaper     d) Political Parties

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