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Summary of the Work and Achievements of S. R. Ranganathan

1924 Designed the Colon Classification
1925 Trial of Colon Classification with the printed catalogue of the Madras University Library and the Ship Library on board SS Dumana (June-July)
1928 Formulated the Five Laws of Library Science
1929 Started the School of Librarianship of the Madras Library Association
1931 Started the School of Library Science at the University of Madras(April) Duration as Certificate Course 1931-1937 Duration as Diploma Course 1937-1960 Duration as Degree Course 1961-
1934 Designed the Classified Catalog Code
1938 Designed Chain Indexing
1950 Designed Facet Analysis
1956 Founded Annals of Library Science Classification of Library Management1957 Founded the Sarada Ranganathan Chair of Library Science, University of Madras
1961 Founded the Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science
1963 Developed the Dynamic Theory of Library Classification
1964- Editor of Library Science with a Slant to Documentation; author of 53 books and about
1200 articles on library science
1934 Edward B. Ross Studentship, Madras Christian College
1956 Sarada Ranganathan Chair of Library Science, University of Madras
1958 Sarada Ranganathan Prize for Mathematics, Government College, Mangalore
1958 Sarada Ranganathan Merit Prize, Sanskrit College, Sriperumbudur
1959 Sarada Ranganathan Merit Prize, High School, Ujjain
1961 Sarada Ranganathan Endowment for Library Science, incorporated with the Treasurer for Charitable Endowments in India
1935 Rao Sahib, Government of India
1948 D. Litt. (Honoris causa), Delhi University
1951 Honorary Fellow, Virginia Bibliographic Society
1954 Patron, Delhi Library Association
1956 Honorary Member, Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centers
1957 Padmashree, Government of India
Honorary Vice-President, Library Association (London)
Honorary Fellow, International Federation for Documentation
1962 Founder-Patron, Mysore Library Association, Bangalore
Two-volume Ranganathan Festschrift
Volume 1: Kaula, P. N., Library Science Today, 1966 (Asia Publishing House, Bombay)
Volume 2: Das Gupta, A. K., Essay in Personal Bibliography, 1967 (Asia Publishing House, Bombay)
1964 D. Litt. (Honoris causa), University of Pittsburgh, U.S.A.
1965 National Research Professor for Library Science (Government of India)
1967 Honorary Fellow, Indian Standards Institution
1970 Margaret Mann Award (American Library Association)
1971 Grand Knight of Peace (Mark Twain Society, U.S.A.)
1892 Born August 9 at Shiyali, Tanjavoor District, Madras State
Family home: Ubhayavedanthapuram, Tanjavoor District (India)
Father: N. Ramamrita Ayyar, landlord (1866-1898)
Mother: Seethalakshmi (1872-1953)
1907 Married Rukmini (1896-1928), July
1929 Married Sarada (1908-1985), November
1932 Son, Yogeshwar, born April 12
1897-1908 Sabhanayaka Mudaliar's Hindu High School, Shiyali
1909 Matriculation
1909-1916 College Education, Madras Christian College
1913 B.A. degree
1916 M.A. degree
1916-1917 Professional Education, Teachers' College, Saidapet, Madras
1917 L.T. degree, Secretary of the Mathematics Association of the College
1924-1925 School of Librarianship, University College of London Honors Certificate
Practical work experience in the Croydon Public Library under W. C. Berwick Sayers
1919-1920 Assistant lecturer in Mathematics, Government College, Mangalore Founded the Mathematics and Science Association of the College
1920 Assistant lecturer in Mathematics, Government College, Coimbatore
1921 Assistant lecturer in Mathematics, Government College, Mangalore Assistant professor in Mathematics, Presidency College, Madras
1922-1923 Secretary of the Lunch Club, Presidency College, Madras Secretary, Mathematics and Science Section, Madras Teachers’ Guild
1923 University Lectures on the Theory of Groups (Madras)
1924-1944 First University Librarian of the University of Madras
1924-1925 School of Librarianship, University College, London Apprenticeship in the Croydon Public Libraries under W.C. Berwick Sayers
1924 Design of Colon Classification begun in November
1945-1947 University Librarian and Professor of Library Science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
1928 Vacation lecturer in laws of library science, University of Madras (at Chidambaram)
1928-1933 Lecturer on school library work, Teachers' College, Saidapet, Madras
1929-1944 Professor in library science, University of Madras
1983-1937 Vacation lecturer on school library work, University of Madras
1944 Visiting lecturer in library classification, University of Bombay
1945-1947 Professor in library science, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
1948 Member of the faculty, UNESCO International School for Public Librarianship, Manchester
1949-1955 Professor in library science, University of Delhi
1956 Visiting lecturer of library schools, United Kingdom
1957-1959 Visiting professor in library science, Vikram University, Ujjain
1958 Visiting lecturer of library schools, United States of America, Canada, and Japan
1962 Honorary professor, Documentation Research and Training Centre, Bangalore
1963 Visiting lecturer of library schools, University of Pittsburgh
1942 University of Delhi
1946 Library development plan for India
1946 University of Allahabad University of Nagpur
1947 Forest Research Institute, Dehra Dun Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
1948 University of Bombay Parliament Library, Delhi
1956 University of Mysore
1957 All-India Institute of Medical Sciences, Delhi
1959 Scientific and Technical Information Centre for the Third Plan Period, a draft for the
Planning Commission
1964 National Aeronautical Laboratory, Bangalore
Mysore Legislature
1966 All-India Institute of Mental Health, Bangalore
Library Building and Development Plan for the Parliament Library, Delhi
Note: For published library development plans, see Sec. XVII, Books Published.
1931 Bengal
1936 Drafted the First Library Bill for Madras
1946 Central Provinces and Berar
1947 Cochin Travancore
Note: For published library bills and development plans, see Sec. XVII, Books Published.
1930-1944 Member, Academic Council, Madras University
1933-1935 Member, Imperial Library Committee
1942-1947 Member, Board of Managment, Beasant School, Kashi
1947-1966 Chairman, Documentation (Sectional) Committee, Indian Standards Institution,New Delhi
1948-1963 Member, Adult Education Council, Delhi Municipality
1948 Member, Committee on National Central Library
1948-1951 Member, National Library Committee
1958-1960 Chairman, Library Buildings, Fittings, and Furniture Committee, Indian Standards Institution, New Delhi
1958-1959 Chairman, Library Committee, University Grants Commission
1959-1961 Member, Banaras Hindu University Court, Varanasi
1959 Consultant on Library Development Plan, Kerala State
Chairman, Board of Studies in Library Science, University of Madras
1960 Chairman, Review Committee on Library Science, University Grants Commission
Chairman, Library Science Courses Committee, University of Madras
Chairman, Expert Committee on Library Science, Banaras Hindu University
Member, Board of Studies in Library Science, Osmania University
Member, Board of Studies in Library Science, Utkal University
Chairman, Committee for Library Science Course, University of Mysore
1961-1963 Chairman, Committee to Draft the Library Bill for Mysore State
1962 Chairman, Board of Studies in Library Science, University of Kerala
1965 Member, Academic Council, Bangalore University Member, Gandhi Centenary Bibliographic Committee
1966 Member, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library Society
1967 Member, Executive Council, Publication and Information Directorate, CSIR,New Delhi Member, Executive Council, INSDOC
1968 Chairman, Tanjavur Sarfoji Maharaja Saraswati Mahal Library Committee Member, Government of India Committee on Development of Libraries
1948 Member, International Committee of Library Experts, United Nations
1949 Negotiated with UNESCO for the establishment of the Delhi Public Library as a pilot project
1950 Negotiated with UNESCO for the establishment of INSDOC Consultant, UNESCO, for preparing the place of machines in literature search
1951-1961 Rapporteur-general, FID/CA (Committee on General Theory of Classification of the International Federation for Documentation)
1951-1953 Member, International Advisory Committee on Bibliography of UNESCO
1963- Honorary Chairman, FID/CR (Committee on Classification Research of the
International Federation for Documentation)
1916 Delegate, First Indian Mathematical Conference, Madras
1919 Delegate, Second Indian Mathematical Conference, Bombay
1926 President, Pudukkotta Library Conference
1927 Local Secretary, All-India Public Library Conference, Madras
1928 Delegate, South India Educational Conference
1930 Secretary, Library Service Section of All-Asia Educational Conference, Banaras
1931 Opened the first traveling library of Madras at Mannargudi
1933 Delegate, First All-India Library Conference, Calcutta
1934 President, Tirunelveli District Library Conference
1942 Inaugurated the Twenty-Fourth Andhra Desa Library Conference, Hindupur Delegate, Fifth All-India Library Conference, Bombay
1944 Delegate, Sixth All-India Library Conference, Jaipur President, Malabar Elementary Educational Conference
1946 Delegate, Seventh All-India Library Conference, Baroda President, First Library Conference of Central Provinces and Berar
1947 Inaugurated the First Travancore Library Conference, Kottayam
1948 President, All-India Adult Educational Conference, Mysore
1949 President, Eighth All-India Library Conference, Nagpur
1950 President, Gwalior Library Conference
1951 Delegate, Ninth All-India Library Conference, Indore
1952 President, Conference of Local Library Authorities of Andhra Pradesh, Patamatalanka
1953 Secretary, Seminar on Literature for Neo-Literates, Okhia, Delhi Silver Jubilee Conference, Madras Library Association
Delegate, Tenth All-India Library Conference, Hyderabad
1954 President, First Hyderabad Library Conference
1957 Delegate, Seminary on Productivity Drive, Government of India, New Delhi
President, Delhi Library Association Conference on Library Movement in India, New Delhi President, Documentation Section, Indian Standards Convention, Madras
1958 President, Madhya Pradesh Library Conference, Bhopal
1959 Director, Seminar on Social Science Research and Libraries, New Delhi President, Bengal Library Conference, Nawadip
Director, UGC Seminar on Work Flow from Publisher to Reader—Work- flow in college and university libraries, New Delhi
Chairman, Indian Library Convention, Delhi Chairman, Documentation Section, Second Indian Standards Convention,
1961 Chairman, Preservation of Documents Section, Indian Standards Convention, Kanpur
1962 Director, Government of India Seminar on School Libraries, Bangalore
Director, Government of Andhra Pradesh Library Seminar, Hyderabad
1963 President, Fourth IASLIC Conference, Poona
1963-1972 Director, Annual Seminars of the Documentation Research and Training Centre,Bangalore
1967 Director, Social Science Research and Library Development in India Seminar, New Delhi
1968 Chief Guest Speaker, Fifth IASLIC Seminar, Durgapur
1948 Delegate, FID Conference and Conference of ISO/TC 46, The Hague
Delegate, Commonwealth Universities Conference, Oxford
Delegate, IFLA Conference, London
1950 Delegate, FID Conference, Ascona
Delegate, Special Libraries Association Conference, Atlantic City, N. J., U.S.A.Chief Speaker, Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Classification and Cataloging Division, American Library Association
Delegate, Conference on Bibliographic Organization, Chicago
Delegate, Centenary Celebration of the British Library Act, London
1954 Delegate, ISO/TC 46 Conference, Brussels
Delegate, FID Conference, Belgrade (September)
Delegate, FID Conference, Zagreb
Delegate, IFLA Conference, Zagreb
1955 Delegate, German Library Conference, Dusseldorff
Delegate, Third World Congress of Librarians and Documentalists, Brussels
Delegate, ISO/TC 46 Conference, Stuttgart
1956 Delegate, German Library Conference, Berlin
Delegate, FID Conference, Stuttgart
Delegate, IFLA Conference, Munich
1957 President, International Study Conference on Classification Research, Dorking
1958 Panel Member, International Conference on Scientific Information, Washington, D.C.
Delegate, Conference on Common Language for Machinery Search, Cleveland
1959 Delegate, FID Conference, Warsaw
1961 Special Invitee, International Conference on Cataloging Principles, Paris
Leader of the Indian Delegation, Third Centenary Celebration, National Library of East
1964President, International Study Conference on Classification Research, Eisinore
Principal Speaker, International Seminar on Colon Classification, Rutgers University,
New Brunswick, N.J., U.S.A.
1966 Concluding Speaker, Symposium on Syntactical Relations in Classification, Mary land,U.S.A.
1916-1972 Member, Indian Mathematical Society
1917-1920 Founder-President, Mathematics and Science Association of the College
1922-1923 Secretary, Mathematics and Science Section, Madras Teachers Guild
1923 Secretary, Non-Gazetted Collegiate Officers Association
1928-1934 Treasurer, Indian Mathematical Society
1928-1953 Founder-Secretary, Madras Library Association
1928-1972 Fellow, Library Association, London
1930-1933 Member, International Library Committee of the World Association for Adult Education
1933-1972 Member, Indian Library Association
1937-1944 Vice-President, Indian Library Association
1944-1963 President, Indian Library Association
1949-1953 Secretary, Indian Adult Education Association
1953-1956 Vice President. FID
Vice President, Indian Adult Education Association
1954-1964 Secretary and Chairman, FID Committee on general classification
1968-1961 Vice-President, International Federation for Documentation
1951 Promoted the formation of the Asian Federation of Library Associations at Indore (April)
1953-1957 Vice-President, Madras Library Association
1958-1967 President, Madras Library Association
1958 Founded the Madhya Pradesh Library Association
1965-1972 Vice-President, Governing Council, Indian Statistical Institute
1925 United Kingdom
1945 Kerala and South Kanara
1948 Western Europe, United Kingdom, and United States of America
1950 Western Europe and United States of America
1952 Ceylon
1956 United Yugoslavia and West Germany
1955 East Germany Kingdom
1957 United States of America, Canada, and Japan
1959 United States of America, Poland, and Russia
1961 France, East Germany, and West Germany
1964 Western Europe and United States of America
1937-1947 Editorial Board, Modern Librarian
1939-1944 Conducted Memoirs, Madras Library Association
1947 Editorial Board, Indian Librarian
1949-1953 Editor, Abgila, Indian Library Association
1951 Associate Editor, Libri
1954-1963 Editor, Annals of Library Science
1959 American Documentation
1964-1972 Editor, Library Science with a Slant to Documentation

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