Friday, November 7, 2014


1.  “ Where  is wisdom  we have lost in –-          Knowledge
2.       The 1st element of communication process is –-          Source
3.       In communication flow , information is transferred from –-          Generator to receiver
4.       Airstotle ‘s idea of communication process is –-          Rhetoric
5.       Cognitive paradigm of information science was developed by –Belkin
6.       The noise of communication process can be demonized by –-          Feedback
7.       Harold Lasswell’s communication model is consists of –-          5
8.       Communication media is divided by –Print and Electronic media
9.       The term communication came from –-          Latin
10.   The communication from generation to generation is called?-          Oral communication
11.   What are the mass media?-          Film, radio  and television
12.   1st satellite communication was started--          USA
13.   The name of 1st satellite is?-          TELESTAR (1962)
14.   Translation of thoughts into words or signs which constitute information is known as--          Encoder
15.   The process of translation of the message by the receiver is known as –-          Decoder

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