Friday, June 29, 2012


  1. ACL Stands for

  2. Artificial Computer Language
    Access Control Lists
    Access Control Language
    Artificial Computer Lists

  3. GUI Stands for

  4. Graphical User Interface
    Geographical User Interface
    Genuine User Instruction
    Graphical User Instruction

  5. SQL Stands for

  6. System Query Language
    Structural Query Language
    Structured Query Language
    Structured Query Line

  7. PDF Stands for

  8. Pictured Document File
    Portable Document Format
    Print Document Format
    Picture Domain Function

  9. HTTP Stands for

  10. Hyper Transmission Protocol
    Hyper Text Transmission Protocol
    Hit To Print
    Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

  11. DOS Stands for

  12. Developed Operating System
    Disk Operating Systems
    Disc Operation System
    Device Orientation System

  13. DBMS Stands for

  14. Database management system
    Disk Base Management System
    Durable Microsoft
    Database Microsoft

  15. CPU Stands for

  16. Central Power Unit
    Control Programming Unit
    Combined Power Unit
    Central Processing Unit

  17. OPAC Stands for

  18. Operational Programme Access Computer
    Online Public Access Catalogue
    Office Personal Computer
    Other Person Access Computer

  19. RAM Stands for

  20. Read And Memory
    Real Access Memory
    Random Access Memory
    Rare Access Memory

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