Thursday, January 31, 2013

Information sources-published "by and from"

Find herewith some Important information sources with its publisher and also the place of publication.It will be very useful for preparing UGC NET exam.
  1. Keesings Record of world events (monthly) -published from LONDON
  2. Facts on file(weekly list) -published from NEWYORK
  3. International who's who -  published from LONDON
  4. who's who in the world- published from CHICAGO
  5. Britanica Book of the year-published from CHICAGO
  6. World of Learning-published from LONDON by EUROPA PUBLICATION
  7. Guiness Book of world Records- published from NEWYORK
  8. Universities Hand Book:India- published from DELHI by ASSOCIATION OF INDIAN UNIVERSITIES
  9. New Encyclopaedia Britanica- published from CHICAGO
  10. Encyclopaedia Americana- published from NEWYORK by GROLIER
  11. Encyclopaedia of Library and Information Science by MARCEL DEKKER
  12. Europa Year Book: A survey published from LONDON by EUROPA PUBLICATION
  13. International Encyclopaedia of social science by MACMILLAN AND FREE PRESS
  14. who's who of Indian writers by SAHITYA ACADEMY
  15. India who's who by INFA PUBLICATION
  16. Current Biography by R.R.BOWKER
  17. All India Book Trade Directory by MODERN PUBLICATION
  18. Directory of scientific research Institutions in India by INSDOC
  19. Ulrich's International periodicals Directory published from USA
  20. Science citation Index published from PHILADEPHIA by Institute of Scientific Information

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