Monday, January 28, 2013

"Things to Remember" about Encyclopaedia

Following  points about "Encyclopaedia" will be useful for  UGC NET exam preparation.
1. The word 'Encyclopaedia' was first used in modern sense in 1559 by PAUL SCALICH.
2.The first edition of " Encyclopaedia Britanica" appeared in the year1768.
3.New Encyclopaedia Britanica is published from Chicago
4. 9th edition of "New Encyclopaedia Britanica" is known as the scholar's edition.
5.New Encyclopaedia Britanica is published in Three parts.
6.New Encyclopaedia Britanica(15th ,ed.) was published 30 volumes.
7.Publisher of " Encyclopaedia Americana"Grolier
8." Encyclopaedia Americana" is published from New York
9." Encyclopaedia Americana" consists- 30 volumes
10.The publisher of " Encyclopaedia of Library and Information Science " is MARCEL DEKKER
11.The editors of " Encyclopaedia of Library and Information Science "  is ALLEN KENT and HAROLD LANCOUR
12.The publisher of "International Encyclopaedia of social science" is MACMILLAN and FREE PRESS

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