Sunday, May 26, 2013

Ph.D. Entrance Test Questions Which is Held Very Recently

1.Ku band used for Satellite Communication
2. a PC connected to network is called Node
.Super Computer speed measured in terms of FLOPS
4.Free software movement done by Richard Stallman
5. First Wiki created by Ward Cunningham
6.Mashups meaning
7.Google Founded by
8.Internet  initial development supported by
9.Minimum Bandwidth required for broad band  is
10. Voice over IP technology converts.......... to ...............
11.Domain used for non profitable organisations is
12. Webcasts means
13.Internet used which kind of switching system
14.Content of Website used by end users through
15.Access and Web hosting services provided by
16.ISDN is a
17.What is Scribd
18.Humanities Index published by
19.Tacit knowledge includes
20.Concept Maps are the tools for
21.The book ''Documentation" authored by
22.KINESICS used for
23.A.B.Maslow related to
24.cybernetics term coined by

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