Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Useful for UGC/ Net

1.Internactional organization for standzation  ----------------  1982
2. Informaction transfer 2nd ------------------------------------GEENEVA
3.American Library association----------------------------------  1983
4. ALA Glossory of Libraruinf science------- Heartstillyoung ,Chicago
5. S.R Ranganathn reference service and bibliography--- Madras
6. Madras Library association ------------------- 1940
7.Types of Libraries -------------------------4 tpes
8. Acdemic libraries---- schools,college,university
9.Using school Libraries---- books, magzines,resourcesrecords,maps,charts,gramphonesrecords,etc…….
10.Public Libraries visiting and using ---- stuedents,teachers,businessmans,professionals,housewifes,reterid persons,neo-literates  etc…….
11.Laws of Library was formulated----------- S.R.Ranganathan
12.The social library was stared in USA------Benjamin franklin
13. New educational policy was announced by govt of india------- 1986
14.Kothari education commission---------------- 1964
15. Anglo-american catalogue rules-------------- 1967
16. S.R.Ranganathan classified catalogue code 5 thed ------ 1964
17.Most of college Libraries pefered Dictionary  catalouges
18. First University library in India------------- Madras
19.BOSLA:Bombay scientific libraries association
20.Europen translation center----- Delft,Netherlands
21.Indian library association------ 1985
22. Babaatomic research institute Library----- TROMBAY
23. Central building research institute library---- ROORKEE
24. Central Leather Research institute Library----Madras
25. Central food technological research institute---- MYSORE
26. Central machine tools institute and production enginnering---BANGALORE
27. Central road research institute library ------- NEW DELHI
28. Indian Agricultural research institute library----- NEW DELHI
29. Indian institute of public administration library------ NEW DELHI
30. Indian institute of science Library----------- BANGALORE
31. Indian standrdsinstitution,technical Library-----NEW DELHI
32. Indian stastical institute Library--------------- CALCUTTA
33. National aeronautical laboratory,library& Documentation servoces----PUNA
34. Nactionalmedicl Library-------------- NEW DELHI
35. Nactional science Library-------------- NEW DELHI
36. Nehuru memorial museum and Library---- NEW DELHI
37. TATA Institute of fundamental Research------- BOMBAY
38. Regional research centre ------------------- KALPAKKAM
39.NISSAT--------- National information system for science and technology
40.OSTI:------- Office for scientific and technical information

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