Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NET Questions Series 10

1.      Androidis an operating system of google
2.      John Tukey-- BIT ("Binary Digit") the term was first used in 1946
3.      Eugene Garfield -- The impact factor
4.      Paul Otletused the term ‘Documentation’ (1905)for the first time in a lecture at the International Congress at Brussels
5.      Windows NT ……’NT’ means ‘New Technology’
6.      SWOT analysisdeveloped by Albert Humphrey
7.      NEPHIS(Nested Phrase Indexing System) -- an ad hoc string indexing system developed by Timothy Craven in 1986
8.      Library Literature is a indexing periodical published in 1933, New York

9.      AA Code in 1908 by John Minto

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