Monday, September 16, 2013

NET Questions Series 9

1.      A CPM (Critical Path Method) technique is developed by DUPONT.
2.      CHECKMAT software is made for serial control in a library.
3.      DELMS ( Defence library management system) project was launched by DESIDOC.
4.      CARIS (Current Agricultural Research Information System) project is started by AGRIS.
5.      Star Network is a type of computer network needs maximum networking cable.
6.      ADONIS (Article Delivery Over Network Information System) is a first electronic document delivery system
7.      CERAis a consortia for agricultural sciences literature
8.      J-Gate started in the year – 2001
9.      Which is the largest gateway for open access journals?Open J-Gate
10.  Which were the first consortia to adopt J-Gate?INDEST

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