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Post- Coordinate Indexing Systems

 Uniterm indexing system
·         Martimer Taube devised the Uniterm indexing system in 1953
·         to organise a collection of documents at the Armed Services Technical Information Agency (ASTIA) of Atomic Energy Commission, Washington
·         The system is based on concept coordination
·         Uniterm indexing system had a number of distinctive characteristics:

1.      Indexing by single words only;
2.      Terms are extracted from the text of the document indexed;
3.      No control over those terms;
4.      Indexing, being reduced to word extraction, can be conducted by relatively
5.      low-level personnel.

Optical Coincidence Card / Peek-a-boo
·         Peek-a-boo is the trade name of the optical coincidence card.
·          It is also called ‘Batten Cards’.

Edge-Notched Card
·         Indexing on Edge-Notched card is based on punched card system. Their value is limited to very small collection


Keyword Indexing

·         The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of USA is said to be the first organization to use the machine-produced keywords index from Title since 1952
·         use of computers in generating indexes of documents started from KWIC indexing

KWIC indexing

·         KWIC indexing developed by H.P. Luhn
·         use of computers in generating indexes of documents started from KWIC indexing
·         American Chemical Society established the value of KWIC after its adoption in 1961 for its publication ‘Chemical Titles’:
·         This index was based on the keywords in the title of a paper and was produced with the help of computers

·         Each entry in KWIC index consists of three parts:

            a) Keywords: Significant or subject denoting words which serve as approach terms;
            b) Context: Keywords selected also specify the particular context of the document (i.e.                                usually the rest of the terms of the title).
            c) Identification or Location Code

·         Variations of KWIC i.e KWOC and KWAC

1.      KWOC (key-word out-of-context)

The KWOC is a variant of KWIC index. Here, each keyword is taken out and
printed separately in the left hand margin with the complete title in its normal
order printed to the right

2.      KWAC (key-word Augmented-in-context) Index

                        ** KWAC also stands for ‘key-word-and-context’.
                        ** KWAC is also called enriched KWIC or KWOC.
                        ** CBAC (Chemical Biological Activities) of BIOSIS uses KWAC index

Other Versions of keyword index

·         KWWC (Key-Word-With-Context) Index
·         KEYTALPHA (Key-Term Alphabetical) Index : Keytalpha index is being used in the ‘Oceanic Abstract’.
·         WADEX (Word and Author Index). It is an improved version of KWIC. It is used in ‘Applied Mechanics Review’. AKWIC (Author and keyword in context) index is another version of WADEX.index

·         DKWTC (Double KWIC) Index : It is another improved version of KWIC
·         index

·         KLIC (Key-Letter-In-Context) Index

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