Sunday, September 15, 2013

NET Questions Series 8

1.      ESS is an Electronic spread sheet.
2.      Hypothesis is a Speculation
3.      MEDLINE on CD-ROM is published by NLM (USA)
4.      The concept “Term Truncation” is used inThesaurus construction 
5.      In research paper, to refer to the immediate previous reference the following term is used: ibid
6.      In research paper to refer to an earlier but not immediately preceding reference, to the following term is used: Ioc cit
7.      ”Half line” of information implies: As information ages, it is useless
8.      Research libraries and information Network (RLIN) situated at Stand ford, California in the year 1978.
9.      LYCOS is Search Engine.
10.  LOCAS means Local Catalogue Service. 

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